37pcs Bike tool kit

Art No:
SKU: LC-1251


HDPE, carbon steel, 5OBV30


  • 1x freewheel remover
  • 1x chain rivet extractor
  • 1x headset spanner wrench:30/32mm & 36/ 40mm
  • 1x chain whip
  • 1x tyre pressure strap
  • 2x cone wrenches 13/15mm &14/16mm
  • 1x open-end wrench 8/ 10mm
  • 1x Phillips head screwdriver
  • 1x crank arm remover
  • 4x bits
  • 1x bit holder
  • 3x socket wrenches 8/9/10mm
  • 1x L-handle
  • 1x wrench
  • 1x cartridge BB tool
  • 8x allen keys (1.5/2/2.5/3/4/5/6/8mm)
  • 3x tyre levers
  • 1x adjustable wrench
  • 1x adjustable lock ring spanner
  • 1x pedal wrench 15/16mm & 15/17mm
  • 1x tube repair kit
  • 1x bottom bracket cup wrench
  • 1x forged spoke adiuster

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Category: Bike Repair Kit/tools


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